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Food companies in GACIC

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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Ragab Sons for Trading
Nasr City Cairo
A supermarket chain. Distributor and importer of retail items.
Raw Bright International
Menoufia, Shebin EL Kom
Raw Bright serves the global animal feed and production supply chain by offering.
Raya for Food and Beverage
Giza, 6th of October
Raya FMCG Co. is a subdidary of Raya holding.
Riri Baby Food Industries
El Basateen Giza
Producer and exporter of baby food products.
El Gamal Co. for trading and manufacturing.
Root Tech
Giza, Dokki
The Company is exporting the highest guaranteed quality of fresh fruits and vegetables either in organic or conventional.
Roots Company
Producer of Agri products.
Producer of confectionery and biscuit products.
Supplier of natural food ingredients and process technology (machinery) serving the food and beverage industries.
Sahara Beverages
Heliopolis Cairo
Manufacturer of bottling water, juices, soft drinks, carbonated soft drinks, sparkling water, still water flavored, etc.
Sakkara Co. is engaged in growing and exporting fresh fruits and imports as well. Annually exports over 60,000 MTN of oranges.
Sama Pasta
The Company was founded since 1921. Sama grain became one of five major Egyptian wheat milling and pasta manufacturing.
Sama Trading Co.
Tanta Gharbia
Producer of agricultural products. Exporter of vegetables and fruits.
Sameh Food Stuffs Company
New Borg El Arab Alexandria
Manufacturer and exporter of food products. Producer and exporter of jelly crystal, pudding, custard powder, etc.
Agent in the field of pharmaceutical products, agrochemicals, milk powder, additives for food and beverages, etc.
Samir Fahmy Group
Maadi Cairo
Established in 1983 by Unifert Group and Eng. Samir Fahmy, Samtrade is a distributor of imported and locally produced fertilizers.
Samo Trading Company established in 1976
The Company produces salt, for food and industrial types. The Company depends on the latest international technology.
The Company is a leading company in the production of peanuts and other crops. The Company has over 30 years experience in this areas.
Manufacturer of potato chipsy, biscuits and snacks. Importer of raw materials.
Senyorita for Snacks
6th of October Giza
Manufacturer and distributer of snacks of different types such as potato chips, tortilla chips, lollipop and confectionery.
Seoudy Super Market
Dokki Giza
Producer of foodstuff, vegetables and fish.
Shatex Trade
Ashmoun Menoufia
Exporter of agricultural products and textiles.
Shoura Group
Giza Giza
Shoura Chemicals is an Egyptian agrochemical company, dealing with most of the international agrochemical manufacturers.
The Company is concern with good and sweets industries. \r\n