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Food companies in GACIC

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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The Company import tea from Kenya and Sri Lanka and India and packing it under our Brand rose tea.
Riri Baby Food Industries
El Basateen Giza
Producer and exporter of baby food products.
Producer and exporter of biscuits, wafer, chocolate, chewing gum, corn flakes and confectioneries.
The Company is working in the field of potatoes products agriculture and distribution through their own farms.
Importer of medicines, medical appliances therapeutic and diagnosis and exporter of medical herbs.
Importer of machines, spare parts, raw materials, corn gritze and tea. Exporter of potato chips, corn snacks, biscuits, wafer, gum and croissant.
Exporter of agricultural products.
Importer of industrial, engineering and agricultural equipment. Exporter of cotton products, yarn, grey cloth and ready made garments.
Down Town Cairo
Indconsult is acting as a sales representative agent for several leading firms worldwide.
Ismail Abu Shadi Sons
Down Town Cairo
Agent and importer in the field of agricultural equipment and landscape.
Magrabi Agricultural
Down Town Cairo
Exporter of agriculture products.
In the field of agricultural and chemical industries.
Producer and exporter of fruits.
Agent in the field of pharmaceutical products, agrochemicals, milk powder, additives for food and beverages, etc.
Al Shams Agro Group
Dokki Giza
Exporters & Packers of citrus fruits, stone fruits and grapes.
Meat and poultry process. Exporter of fruits, vegetables, P.S. day old chicks and poultry process. Importer of agriculture equipment and requirements.
The Company is working in the field of poultry slaughter and processing.
El Wafaa Farm Co.
Dokki Giza
Producer of various species of Muscovy duck and fish.
Manufacturer of chicken products. Importer of Kellogg's Cereals, Mcvities Biscuits (food products).
Incorporated in 1998 to take advantage of the growth opportunities that exist in Egypt's dynamic dairy and beverages sector.
The Company is trading in the field of power plants, chemicals and fertilizers plants and the petroleum sectors.
Seoudy Super Market
Dokki Giza
Producer of foodstuff, vegetables and fish.
Importer, distributor and marketer in the field of special nutritional products especially infant nutrition.