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Food companies in GACIC

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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Egyptian Canning Co. - Americana
6th of October City Giza
Producing and exporting table olives (Spanish style), olive oil and canned artichoke.
Modern Bakeries
6th of October City Giza
Established in 1997, Modern Bakeries produces bread.
United Food Industries
6th of October City Giza
Producer of bread improvers, cake improvers, topping creams, stabilizers and emulsifiers for ice cream and dairy products etc.
El Rashidi El Mizan Confectionery
6th of October Giza
Manufacturer of halawa, tahina and confectionery. Importer of equipment and raw materials related to the industry.
Senyorita for Snacks
6th of October Giza
Manufacturer and distributer of snacks of different types such as potato chips, tortilla chips, lollipop and confectionery.
Kamena Products Corporation
12111 6th of October, Giza
Specialized in the research, creation, manufacture, development and distribution of tailor-made food flavors and colors, seasonings and fragrances.
Mass Food Company
6th of October, Giza
Mass Food was established in 1996 the produce breakfast cereals under the brand name Temmy's.
El Shark Meat Factory
Abbassia Cairo
Khaled Khoshala Co.
Abbassia Cairo
The company imports, exports and manufactures dairy products such as butter, cheddar cheese, edam, gouda cheese, and milk powder.
Producer of Egyptian rice with the latest technology production line - produced by Buehler.
Producer and exporter of confectionery and chocolate.
Producer and exporter of confectionery products (chocolate, candy, chewing gum, toffees and lollipops).
AMD Verde
Al Fayoum
AMD Verde is specialized in cultivation, processing of herbs, spices and seeds.
Agthia Group Egypt
Al Menoufiya, Sadat City
They proudce the essential and trusted food and drinks, that feed and nourishes full and active live, everyday.
The Company is a family business company established since 1950 with own facilities of farms, packing stations, grading lines and cold stores.
The Company operates in the field of manufacturing and exporting oil and seeds.
The Company is one of the major oil seeds processors in the Middle East and Africa, the plant is located in Borg El Arab - Alexandria.
Export of urea, granular urea and ammonium nitrate, liquid ammonium (West Europe, North and Latin America).
We are one of the leading Egyptian producers of frozen vegetables and fruits since 1975
100% of our products is exported worldwide mainly to Europe
We are producers of frozen vegetables and fruits 100% of our products is exported worldwide mainly to Europe
Producer and exporter of cheese and olives.
The Company exports all agriculture crops like orange, lemon, mandarin, onion, potatoes, strawberry, grapes.
Producer of dairy products. Built in 1945, production started 1948. 1998 Seclam became part of mansourgroup.
Gaafar Group was first founded in 1945 for fruit trade in the Alexandria fruit market by Mr. Ahmed Gaafar.
Multi Pioneer Group
Multi Pioneer Goups is a group of manufacturing of medical devices, juice & beverages, import and export.