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Agriculture industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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Producer and exporter of fruits.
The Company is working in the field of potatoes products agriculture and distribution through their own farms.
The Company import tea from Kenya and Sri Lanka and India and packing it under our Brand rose tea.
El Sherif for Import and Export
El Behira, Abo El Matameer
The Company established in 1990. The Company imports and exports a variety of crops of serials, rice, beans, spices, seeds and herbs.
Egycrops Import - Export
El Manshiya Alexandria
Importer and exporter of herbs, seeds, pumpkin seeds, pop corn and lupines.
Al Masria Pipe Tech is one of the leading manufacturing and prduction of plastic pipes U.P.V.C the German technology companies.
The Company is working in the field of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, landscape land, reclamation.
Egyptian International Export Company
El Raml Station Alexandria
Importer of grains and exporter of agricultural products, herbs, spices, seeds, crops, botanic, yellow corns and soya beans.
Greenland for Reclamation and Agriculture Company is working in Egypt since 2004 in the field of reclamation and agriculture of peanuts.
Export fresh products to Europe and UK for over 20 years.
Orient Group
ElManshiya, Alexandria
Orient Group is share holding company based in Alexandria. It applies best practice on producing, packing and export of agri food.
Al Malek Faisal Co. for Trading Tires and Batteries is a sole distributor for Varta (German batteries) and Optima batteries.
Trader of grains, agriculture pertisects and chemicals.
Gameyet El Salam Ismailia
Agricultural investments.
Established in 2006, Greenhope exports fresh and preserved vegetables and fruit to all over the world.
International inspection services for imports and exports.
Established in 1976, NUBASEED produces vegetable seeds and field, medical, ornamental as well as forage crops.
ANB is one of the world's biggest companies for export all kind of fruits and vegetables. Specialized in exporting fruits and vegetables since 1990.
The Company operates in the field of agriculture poultry and veterinary products.
Manufcturer of raw materials for animal feed.
Manufacturer of corn seeds and vegetables.
Agricultural Development and Land Reclamation.
Vegi Farm established at 1999, they are one of the biggest producers of frozen fruits and vegetables.
Cairo Poultry Co.
Giza Giza
CPC is a poultry integrator producing all affiliated poultry industry from breeders to day old broiler chicks to feed.
Shoura Group
Giza Giza
Shoura Chemicals is an Egyptian agrochemical company, dealing with most of the international agrochemical manufacturers.