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Agriculture industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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El Marwa is specialized in the field of freezing and preserving fruits and vegetables by the aid of state of the art equipments.
Exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables.
The Company was established in 1996. Fresh products.
The Company was founded in 2008 as a vertical integration of Juhayna Group to supply their need of Agriculture crops.
Egyptian Fruit Export
6th of October
Exporter of fresh fruit.
Al Maraee Food Industries
6th of October 06. Okt
Processing snacks, pasta, juices, tomatoes.
Orion Food Industries
6th of October 6th October
Production of fruit pure in Aseptic drums and cold stores.Frozen and dry foods.
Producer of Egyptian rice with the latest technology production line - produced by Buehler.
The Company is a family business company established since 1950 with own facilities of farms, packing stations, grading lines and cold stores.
We are one of the leading Egyptian producers of frozen vegetables and fruits since 1975
100% of our products is exported worldwide mainly to Europe
Producer and exporter of cheese and olives.
The Company exports all agriculture crops like orange, lemon, mandarin, onion, potatoes, strawberry, grapes.
Gaafar Group was first founded in 1945 for fruit trade in the Alexandria fruit market by Mr. Ahmed Gaafar.
Natura is a leading Egyptian export company, they grow, process and export fruit and vegetables to world wide markets.
Premier Exporters
The Company is one of the leading Egyptain Companies in exporting agriculture products.
Producer of rice milling sieving, manufaturing, purification packing. Importer of company's required equipment and spare parts.
Manufacturer and exporter of calcium carbonate and talc.
The company’s assets and facilities are farms, plants and factories, occupying two million square meters of land.
Exporter of dehydrated vegetables and fruits (convertional and organic).
Shatex Trade
Ashmoun Menoufia
Exporter of agricultural products and textiles.
Bab El Louk Cairo
International member of the American Spices Trade Association (ASTA) and specialized in the production and processing of herbs, spices and seeds.
The Company is working as producer and exporter of high quality fresh products (onion, potato, lemon).
South Egypt for Agicultural Development produces herbs, spices and vegetables.
Importer and Exporter of fruits, vegetables and food. Logistics and distribution.
Agricultural products.