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Agriculture industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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Egypt foods company is one of the leading companies that mafucture and produce snacks and potatoes products.
Manufacturing polypropylene woven sacks cement bags, sling bags. Lino woven sacks which used in packing potatoes and onion.
Belco is a leader in the field of producing and exporting fresh fruits and vegetables.
Al Masria Pipe Tech is one of the leading manufacturing and prduction of plastic pipes U.P.V.C the German technology companies.
We are one of the leading Egyptian producers of frozen vegetables and fruits since 1975
100% of our products is exported worldwide mainly to Europe
Egyptian Export Center - HB
menofeya, Quesna
Egyptian Export Center HB is an exporter and producer of fresh fruits and vegetables
Egyptian Fruit Export
6th of October
Exporter of fresh fruit.
The Egyptian - German Agricultural Company is a leading producer of pelargonium young plants in the Middle East.
Working in the trade of agricultural products such as fertilizers, seeds and agent of some Egyptian companies working in the field of food.
Egyptian International Export Company
El Raml Station Alexandria
Importer of grains and exporter of agricultural products, herbs, spices, seeds, crops, botanic, yellow corns and soya beans.
Producer of fruits and vegetables.
Exporter of vegetables and fruits.
In the field of processed food.
Producer and exporter of cheese and olives.
The Company is working in the field of potatoes products agriculture and distribution through their own farms.
The Company import tea from Kenya and Sri Lanka and India and packing it under our Brand rose tea.
Producer of furniture, mosaic tiles and cement tiles. Construction and real estate activities. Architectural and engineering activities.
El Gebaly Fruit Company
New Salheya Sharqia
Producer of oranges, mandarins, lemons and grape fruits. Its production capacity reaches around 500 tons per day.
Agent of Wide Land Co. LLC in Dubai, UAE, in the field of natural chewing gum.
The company exports fresh fruits and vegetables such as orange, lemon, grapes, strawberry, pomegranates, onion, potatoes, watermelon and artichoke.
Meat and poultry process. Exporter of fruits, vegetables, P.S. day old chicks and poultry process. Importer of agriculture equipment and requirements.
The Company exports all agriculture crops like orange, lemon, mandarin, onion, potatoes, strawberry, grapes.
El Marwa is specialized in the field of freezing and preserving fruits and vegetables by the aid of state of the art equipments.
Exporter of dehydrated vegetables and fruits (convertional and organic).
The Company is working as producer and exporter of high quality fresh products (onion, potato, lemon).