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Chemical companies in GACIC

A comprehensive overview of the chemical industry in Egypt - find pharmaceutical and paint companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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In the field of rubber.
Kimex Ltd.
Our scope of activities was concentrated in the fields of plastic industries.
Manufacturing all kinds of plastic bags (printed and none printed) and importing plastic raw materials for local trading.
Misr International Trade is established since 2009 and it's one of Medical Group owned by Dr. Nayer Waisse.
The company manufactures, imports and distributes oil paints.
Production of PE pipes for potable and waste water and PVC hoses. Agent of Krah (Germany) in the field of PE Pipes.
The Company is working as a sole agent for many international suppliers of raw materials and additives.
In the fields of human medicine and veterinary medicine.
Roxy factories for plastic and metal industries were established in 2005.
Agent for suppliers in polymer additives for paint and plastics.
Factory for pharmaceutical products and was established in 2001.
Import of raw materials and equipment & exports finish pharmaceutical products.
The Company is manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and importer of raw materials machinery.
Makhlouf Sons for Plastic
Cairo- Alex. Agri.Highway Cairo
Producer of plastic bags, nylon sacks, reels and ribbons.
Dental materials and X-rays chemicals.
Al Zahraa Trade
Dokki Giza
Al Zahraa works in the field of pharmaceutical drugs, the therapeutic class of oncology products.
Diers in Germany, Pacetech in USA, and Soema in Italy in the field of medical equipment.
Hob Trade
Dokki Giza
Hob Trade acts as a distributor producers of serveral German and Dutch chemicals products and brokers.
Dokki Giza
ICAT is a joint stock firm specialized in market representation for multinational organizations in the infrastructure field.
ITC is acting as an agent, importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products and biological vaccines, surgical sutures, etc.
Marketing services for: Pharmaceutical machinery, food processing machinery, plastics processing machinery, metal processing machinery.
Producer of interior building materials, wall plugs, pens and vertical blinds.
Unipharma Group
Dokki Giza
Specialized in marketing industrial chemicals and raw materials for various industries as well as industrial filtration systems of liquid and air.
Chemitra Co.
Down Town Cairo
Importer and trader of industrial chemicals for paints, plastic, pesticides, pharmaceutical, fertilizers and additives.
El Sabe Factory for Glue
Down Town Cairo
Producer of bone glue and gelatine. Exporter of degel bone, crushed hoofs and horns to Germany and England.