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Cosmetic industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the chemical industry in Egypt - find pharmaceutical and paint companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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Borg Pharmaceuticals Industries
New Borg El Arab Alexandria
The company manufactures and markets a group of products, such as pharmaceutical products, unique brand medicated cosmetics, etc.
Producer and exporter of paints, varnishes and adhesives.
Provides training on hygiene and cleanliness for several sectors such as tourism, agricultrue and health._x000D_
The company in working in chemicals, coating and paints.
Importer of medical equipment (X-ray units, E.C.G. units, ultrasound units & surgical instruments).
industry&trade,Import &export, printing traffic signs and bill boards
Extrude and inject plastic,selling advertising material & automotive
Producer of paints, adhesives and printing inks.
Manufacturer of dolomite aggregate in a several types with best quality.
Amoun Import & Export
Kafr El Dawar Behera
The company is specialized in the trade of cosmetics.
Aroma Labs SAE
6th October
Aroma Labs is an affiliate of Symrise AG, which is a global supplier of fragrances, flavoring and raw materials.
Importer of raw materials. Exporter of chemical products. Producer of paints, building materials, epoxies, putties and concreted.
Importer of perfumes, cosmetics, confectionery goods, tobacco, spirits & hi-fi equipment. Exporter of agricultural products, fruit & vegetables.
Manufacturer of paints and chemicals. Agent of BYK Chemie in the field of chemicals (Germany and Sachtleben in the field of chemicals).
Serving more than 360 automotive feeding companies and supplying 20 international car manufacturers already acting in Egypt.
Manufacturer and exporter of calcium carbonate and TALC Powder.
Manufacturer of human and vet medicines and cosmetics. Marketing its products all over Egypt and exporting it abroad.
Producer of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
Manufacturer of pharmaceuticals at third party facilities. Agent, importer, promoter & distributor of pharmaceuticals, raw & packaging materials.
Production, distribution, trading and technical services 0f paint lines and auto chemicals, automotive refinish products for car painting.
El Sallab for Trading
Nasr City Cairo
Agent of Krono flooring in the field of wood H.D.F (Germany), kalekilit in the field of lock's ( Turkey), Monto in the field of paints (Spain).
Distributor & System Integrator for Laboratory, Utilities & Production Equipment .
Frey + Lau GmbH
D-24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg
Founded 1836, Frey+Lau is one of Germany's oldest family owned manufacturers of flavours, fragrances, aroma chemicals and essential oils.
Representative office of Symrise Gmbh & Co. KG in the field of fragrance compounds for manufacturing of detergents and personal care products.
Gawish Import & Export Co.
Ramleh Station Alexandria
The company's activities focus on importing,distributing and selling industrial chemicals used for several applications in major industries.
Genomix L.L.C.
Maadi Cairo
Importer of cosmetic products of medical devices. Exporter of cosmetic products of MCG and medical devices.